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                每日新闻播〖报(September 13)

                作者: 龙岩网 发布时间: 2021年10月06日 00:31:23



                >3D-printed Wagyu beef
                日本研制∑ 出3D打印和牛肉

                Scientists based in Japan's Osaka University have found a way to 3D print Wagyu beef in a lab — a step they believe will one day help make widely available and sustainably produced cuts of cultured meat that closely resemble the original products.

                By isolating beef cells, the scientists organized how the muscles, blood vessels, and fat should be stacked. The researchers then shaped these tissues into the form of a steak using a technique called 3D bioprinting, where cell structures can be layered to resemble real tissues in living things.

                The researchers believe that proving that a Wagyu steak can be accurately 3D-printed could be a big step toward a sustainable future where cultured meat can be created that closely resembles existing products. Its origins from real meat also distinguish it from plant-based options, like those created by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.
                研究人员认为,证实和牛排能被3D打印是迈向未来可持续√生产类真肉人造肉的重大一步。因为3D打印牛排的源头来自真肉,这也使其有别于Beyond Meat和Impossible Foods等公司■生产的人造素食牛肉。


                >Pandemic leave ended for unvaccinated staff

                American Airlines said on Friday it would not provide special leave from next month to unvaccinated employees who have to quarantine due to COVID-19.

                Unvaccinated workers will have to use their sick time or medical leave if they miss work due to the disease, it said.
                任何未接种疫苗但因新冠疫情而缺勤的员工需要使用他们的常规□ 病假。

                "Given there is an FDA-approved vaccine, pandemic leave will only be offered to team members who are fully vaccinated and who provide their vaccination card to us," the carrier said in a memo to staff seen by Reuters.

                The move comes after United Airlines last month became the first US carrier to require vaccinations for all domestic employees.

                Separately, Alaska Air said on Friday that it had stopped special pay for unvaccinated employee absences due to COVID-19 infection or suspected exposure.

                The airline has mandated vaccination for all new hires and will pay $200 to employees who provide proof of vaccination.


                >US COVID-19 cases surpass 40m

                The total number of COVID-19 cases in the United States topped 40 million on Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

                US COVID-19 case count rose to 40,003,101, with a total of 648,935 deaths, as of 3:21 pm local time, the data showed.

                California topped the state-level caseload list, with 4,421,247 cases.

                Texas confirmed the second most cases of 3,706,980.